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Case Studies.

Learn how sellers use a Structured Installment Sale (SIS) to increase their tax savings, grow their income stream, capitalize on favorable future tax positions, and more. Check out these impressive success stories and get inspired for how you can put SIS to work on your property or business sale.

Case Studies
White Paper


We are committed to providing as much knowledge as possible about Structured Installment Sales to our clients and partners. We invite you to review our SIS resources and to contact us with an specific questions you may have.

See how how much money you could save using a Structure

Choose the amount you'd like to receive now & how much you wish to structure over time.

Financial and Tax Professionals

Help your clients navigate their potential tax liability from their property or business sale.

Real Estate and Business Brokers

Inform your clients of a new way to sell their investment property or business.

Partner with us

We help to increase your knowledge of potential options for your clients, increase client retention and to provide you a value added resource partner who can provide meaning full tax and income benefits for your clients.

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