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A Structured Installment Sale is not considered investments, furthermore Settlement Planners Inc does not provide tax advice or legal advice. This information is for informational purposes only and is not meant as tax or legal advice. Clients should consult with their tax professional or legal advisor prior to implementing this process or entering such transactions. 

Settlement Planners Inc.

How to create reliable income when structuring the sale of your business.

Updated: Sep 5

Selling your company doesn't mean you have to give up your ongoing income from your business. In fact, carefully structuring the sale of your business can guarantee sweat-free income that provides hhdkjsndfihwelfknlksdncoiweflkwnlkdnflke fjeoflwkjfiwjelfk fjosfj ofiw woeif woijfo eiwjf woiefjpwiejf wpeoifjwiej foiw foiwjf woiefjkjsnf s vnhd.

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